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Spoiled fans ...

You know one of the classic blindo (scroll down a bit for the cartoons) meme is how difficult us unreasonable reality based UCLA fans are for expecting our 14-13 head coach to win 9 games in his money season - the third season.  Yes we are so spoiled!  So childish! So brutal ... so cruel to their boy wonder who is still 1-10 against team with winning records.

I wonder what they would have to say about the Sooners fans who are souring on a coach, who won them a national championship less than 5 years ago. Stoops facing some hard questions in his most difficult year (to date) in Sooner land:

Franchise tailback Adrian Peterson cuts class and thus is banned from practice by athletic-department policy.

Quarterback Rhett Bomar, about to be elevated to huddle commander, is cited for underage drinking.

Linemen Akim Millington and Brandon Keith quit the squad, come back and quit again. Surely there's a country song in there somewhere.

This after OU waltzed all last school year with uncommitted Mo Dampeer, who would practice or work out or go to class or eat a Burger King, depending on his whims.

This after Dusty Dvoracek was banished from the team for an alcohol-fueled assault, then returned in the spring.

This after Stoops admitted summer workouts weren't up to Sooner standards.

Has Matt Dillon turned in his badge? Who's minding the store? Has Stoops gone soft?
HT to FanBlogs.

So Sooners fans are souring on a national champion caliber head coach just in his first difficult season, and we get criticized on old and stale message boards for demanding to win just 9 regular season games.

Yes on behalf of the spoiled and unreasonable BruinsNation all we are asking Dorrell to do - blow out a shitty Sooner team.  He MUST WIN this Saturday and he MUST WIN BIG.  And, then he has to produce a 9 win regular season and end the insufferable streak against USC.   There is nothing unreasonable about demanding from an underachieving and mediocre 14-13 head coach in his third year with one of the most talented college football teams in the nation (not just the West Coast) to produce a season, which shows discernable improvement (9 wins), and this weekend's game a blow out win against a good opponent, but vulnerable one in our first big home game of the season.

Again, DORRELL MUST WIN BIG this weekend.  We are certainly not going to accept a close loss to these Sooners aka known in the blindo jargon as "true moral victory," neither will be impressed by a close win over a good program which is coming in with a bad team.  We need to win BIG.