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Starting a resurrection

On this blog we have been talking about for days about how our DL will have to step up against AP and the Sooner running attack.  The players on our DL are not the only ones who will have to step. Spotlight is going to be Drew Olson, who has lit up two tomato cans he has played so far in this season. This game is a must win and Drew knows he must win this if he is looking for some kind of redemption. From ESPN's west coast beat writer Ted Miller:

Drew Olson heard the whispers. He read the stories. It drove him every day over the summer to do a few more burning reps in order to strengthen the dead person's tendon with which a doctor had reroped his knee.

"I'd have been screwed if I had sweated out all the stories," he said. "It pisses you off hearing that."

Yet here he is, two games into his senior season, the clear victor in a quarterback duel, now owning two easy victories that evened his career record at 14-14.

This weekend he has a chance to make a real mark. He has a chance to be remembered and to turn the trajectory of coach Karl Dorrell's three-year tenure at UCLA in a winning direction.

A vulnerable Oklahoma team will visit the Rose Bowl on Saturday, and Olson knows a victory would send a message to the nation -- not to mention to uneasy fans jealously obsessing about rival USC -- that the Bruins are back.

"This game is huge for us. I think it will answer a lot of questions," Olson said.
Here is the whole profile on the DO, which lays out the bottom line (emphasis mine):
Olson and the Bruins know about being lost, mocked and written off. A win over Oklahoma could serve as a reintroduction.
Yeap note its "reintroduction" not "introduction."  As O pointed out below we need to win this game if we want to "rejoin" not "join" USC as one of the elites of college football.  We have a proud football tradition.  We have been hammering about that fact over and over again.  And it is up to Dorrell, DO and co. to reestablish UCLA's proud tradition.  And this Saturday's game is a must win game, in which a blowout win would be a solid start to rehabilitation of our image and standing in college football, which has been flushed into the toilet last few years, including the last two (12-13) under Dorrrell. Not just Drew Olson, everyone else (including the coaching staff) has to step up this Saturday.  They have to bring their A game (if they have any), and they have to BLOW OUT the SOONERS if they want to reestablish their lost credibility in the Bruins Nation and resurrect our lost Bruin football program.