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Blue Crush?

Man ... seems like the spotlight of the entire country is on our game this week. This time it's CNNSI.  Check out their homepage featuring our Heisman Candidate Maurice Drew:

Photo Credit:John W. McDonough/SI

SI's national college football writer Stewart Mandel spotlights UCLA this week.  Mandel is saying the same things we have been reading at other places (national writers probably do the same thing as local beat ones - recycle each others work).  This is Dorrell's chance:

There's a buzz in Los Angeles this week about a certain local football team. Its senior quarterback is completing passes like a seasoned pro. Its electrifying tailback is breaking big runs and even bigger punt returns. There's talk that maybe this could be a special season.

And USC is looking pretty good, too.

It's only been two games, against admittedly inferior opponents (San Diego State and Rice), but after suffering through consecutive six-win seasons, UCLA fans have good reason to be a tad giddy about the potential -- particularly the offensive firepower -- the Bruins have exhibited so far. The litmus test comes Saturday, when UCLA hosts No. 21 Oklahoma, though the matchup has lost some of its luster following the Sooners' embarrassing loss to TCU and close call with Tulsa. Still, it represents a golden opportunity for third-year coach Karl Dorrell's program to gain some much-needed credibility.

"This is a huge statement game for us -- this is Oklahoma," said senior quarterback Drew Olson. "If we want to get noticed nationwide, we're going to have to go out and win a game like this."
Will Dorrell blow this chance to gain that "much-needed credibility"?. BLOW OUT or BUST. Crush the Sooners.