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Thursday roundup

Don't miss Chris Dufresne in the Times today.  Money graphs (emphasis mine throughout):

If UCLA wants to rejoin USC in the big-time college football business this might be a good week to start, with viable-yet-vulnerable Oklahoma coming to town and UCLA having, arguably, the better team.

(Blindos take note, he said rejoin, not join for the first time ever.)

If Bruin Coach Karl Dorrell wants to say he's turned the corner on his west coast program makeover, this is the time to prove it.


In the life of the modern-day, highly-compensated coach, three years is the season where accounts become payable.

It used to be schools gave you five years, but even Notre Dame abandoned that principle last season to usher out Tyrone Willingham and usher in Charlie Weis. See, and it worked!

Lonnie writes about the interesting dynamic of two potential Heisman candidate running backs playing against each other, but notes that Mo is measuring himself not against AP, but by his performance against the Sooner D.  Also of note, Dorrell doesn't exactly answer the question of whether Ben Olson will play, resorting to asking and answering the question himself.  But it looks like those of us looking forward to seeing Ben play will be disappointed.  Also, I think Lonnie's unwittingly passing along Morgan Center spin after today's revelation,  noting that the M&M Crew expects a "crowd" "as large" as 60,000.

On the subject of Adrian Peterson, J.A. Adande has thoughts on the Adrian Peterson discipline situation as it results to "scholar-athletes."