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M&M Crew Expecting Only 50,000 for OU

Rob Kuwada of the OC Register reports that the M&M Crew expects that the Rose Bowl will be only slightly more than half full for the OU game:

on Saturday [the Bruins] play Oklahoma in one of the biggest games in Coach Karl Dorrell's two-plus seasons.

But apparently few care. UCLA officials are expecting only about 50,000-plus at the Rose Bowl, and that includes the allotment of 7,000 tickets that went to Sooners fans.

It could be the smallest crowd the Bruins have had for a nonconference game against a national power since a 1993 game against Nebraska drew 50,299.

It comes on the heels of a game against an overmatched Rice team that drew just 44,808, the smallest crowd for a Bruins home opener since they had 37,965 in 1992 against Cal State Fullerton.

The Rose Bowl, barely half full, will not look good on the regional television broadcast or to recruits across the country.


Attendance for the Bruins' home opener has fallen in each of the three years under Dorrell. It cannot help that those seasons were punctuated by embarrassing losses in bottom-tier bowl games to Fresno State and Wyoming.

(Emhasis mine.)

Read the whole thing for DG's reactions.

HT: McCloskey;  Fun Zone spin here.

60,000 was bad enough, but barely more than 50,000?  Embarassing.

UPDATE: Sources tell Bruins Nation that the Athletic Department is attempting to sell the remaining 40,000 (give or take) tickets by sending out mass emails. Way to think outside the box guys!