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3 down, 6 more to go ...

Ok I am a little DRUNK. So I will try to sound as coherent as possible.  This is a big win.

Photo Credit:Matt Sayles, AP

But we need to keep everything in perspective.  We just beat up on one of the worst Oklahoma team in the Sooners history.  The Sooners did not have any experience in their defensive backfield, and they certainly did not have any legitimate quaterbacking complementing their running game.  They came in ranked no. 21 or whatever in the AP poll, however we already knew they were nowhere close of being worthy of a top-25 ranking.  So, yes this was a MUST WIN game for Karl Dorrell, but it was nowhere close to being the kind of win, that will absolve him of the mediocre 15-13 record he has compiled in more than two years in Westwood.

Don't get us wrong.  We are ecstatic.  We are fired up.  We are fired up just like we were back in 2001 when we started 6-0, only to piss away an entire season to finish 7-4, we are fired up just like we were in 1998, when we started out 10-0, only to experience December 5, 1998.  So we are not going to celebrate quiet just yet.

We still need 6 more wins including a win over USC.  Anything short of that will be underachievemnt for the second most talented team in the entire West Coast.