Blogpolling time

Last week's stuff here.

MSM rankings here.

CFN rankings (probably the most reliable subjective ones, IMO) here, and Sagarin (most well-known objective rankings) here

and finally, our submission from last week:

1. Texas    75
  1. SC 72
  2. LSU 67
  3. Georgia 67
5.Va Tech 62
  1. Tennessee 60
  2. Florida 59
  3. Florida St 52
  4. Ohio State 46
  5. Louisville 43
  6. Notre Dame 42
  7. Michigan 42
  8. Arizona St 40
  9. Ga Tech 38
  10. Miami 37
  11. Boston Coll 37
  12. Cal 29
  13. Purdue 20
  14. Texas Tech 18
  15. UCLA 17
  16. Clemson 14
  17. Minnesota 11
  18. Wisconsin 8
  19. Alabama 4
  20. Iowa State

My preliminary rankings

1 Texas (they will beat OU this year)
2 USC (Pac 10 will be tough this year)
3 Florida (I'm a believer)
4 LSU (plays Tennessee next)
5 Georgia (the Cocktail Party in a few weeks will be a good one)
6 Virginia Tech (battle of the Techs a HUGE game)
7 Florida State (vulnerable, but undefeated with two big wins)
8 Georgia Tech (Va Tech is next)
9 Louisville (that was the offense I expected)
10 Ohio State (Iowa this week)
11 Arizona State (the offense is real good)
12 Miami (Clemson game looks like a good one)
13 Tennessee (loaded with talent, play has been unimpressive)
14 Michigan State (ok, maybe, the Spartans are the best team in the Big 10?)
15 Notre Dame (putting these three teams in this order just makes sense)
16 Michigan (bounced back against a terrible team)
17 UCLA (OU win only meant something to clueless pollsters, but still)
18 Purdue (holy crap another big conference game!)
19 Cal (bad Ayoob again, but schedule is kind until UCLA)
20 Minnesota (if they beat Purdue, might be for real)
21 Boston College (another huge ACC matchup with Clemson)
22 Clemson (BC this week)
23 Iowa State (I'm now writing the Big XII North championship in stone)
24 Auburn (don't forget about these Tigers)
25 Iowa (if they beat Ohio State, maybe that just means Iowa State is good?)

I'm dropping Texas Tech for not playing anyone, Virginia for not looking good, Wisconsin because I'm unconvinced, and Alabama for the same reason.  These teams are all undefeated and will rise quickly if they beat anyone good).  Oregon, Washington State, West Virginia, Penn State, Nebraska, New Mexico, Toledo and Vanderbilt are all undefeated and on the cusp, but not deserving of rankings at this point.

This week looks to be filled with monster games that could again shake up the rankings.

Games I watched:  UCLA-Oklahoma, Notre Dame-Michigan State, Florida-Tennessee, Boston College-Florida State, USC-Arkansas, Oregon-Fresno State, Virgina-Syracuse,

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