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Taylor tears ACL (UPDATED)

Junior Taylor is out for the season.  Via Lonnie White's Monday report.

This is very sad news, and our best wishes are with Junior.  This also could be a problem in terms of depth at the WR position, as Junior was the biggest threat and the most experienced among the WRs.

Also, it's good to see that Drew Olson is keeping the win over Oklahoma and the new top-25 ranking in perspective:

For quarterback Drew Olson, who passed for 314 yards and three touchdowns against the Sooners, being ranked doesn't mean much now because Coach Karl Dorrell has the Bruins targeting higher goals.

"Truthfully, it does not matter," Olson said. "I feel like we have a good football team. We are going to earn our respect late in the year. That's how we feel, regardless of the rank. That has no bearing on what this team can do or where we're at."

That's very promising.  That tells me that Olson, and hopefully the rest of the team are focusing on the rest of the season, and not thinking that one game validates everything from the last two-plus years.

That's a positive outlook, and it reflects well on the coaching staff.  Now keep winning.

Brian Dohn has an article on Taylor's injury as well.

Dohn also reports the commitment of DT Jerzy Siewierski.

Taylor's injury is the big story in the OC Register too.

It looks like Maverick has gone Blindo.  Just kidding.  Read Mav's latest offering.  Mav says that Dorrell turned the corner, but in reality, his outlook isn't quite that myopic.  I think it is best summed up as follows:

In short, this was a performance, and is looking like a Bruin team, we can all be proud of.  This game should do wonders for recruiting and could help the Bruins garner the first top 10 recruiting class of Dorrell's tenure.  If I were a recruit, playing for UCLA is looking like a much more viable alternative to playing for USC than it was just a mere three short weeks ago.

I'll agree with that, and that the game represented a significant mark: winning a game that should be won against a talented (but troubled and flawed) team.

The team deserves credit, the coaches deserve credit.  

However, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  In order to continue to deserve praise, the winning must continue.

Mav also thinks that this team could very easilly go into the $C game undefeated.

We've said all along that every single component was in place except for coaching.

Karl Dorrell and the Bruins have performed over the last three weeks.  For this they deserve credit, but it must continue.

Dohn on the rankings. This is definitely progress, but this paragraph shows how far the Bruins had fallen under Toledo and Dorrell.

UCLA returned to the the Associated Press Top 25 for the first time in nearly three years, ending the school's longest absence in more than four decades.

We used to be ranked almost every single week. Now we need to stay ranked.