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Terry Donahue = A BIG JOKE

I don't have much time since I am on the road.  But I couldn't help busting this out really quick.  Why am I taking my time to write about a mediocre college football coach who went on to become the worst manager in the history of NFL today?  Well I had to lol when I read this bit of horse-shit from good ole' Terry Donahue in LA Times say.  Here is what Donahue is saying about "impatient" UCLA football fans (presumably the Bruins Nation) today:

"I'm disappointed whenever I hear that type of talk," said Terry Donahue, who coached Dorrell at UCLA in the 1980s and supported him for the job three years ago. "People saying things like that really don't understand. I don't think it is an informed opinion.

"That mentality comes from people who want that instant gratification. ... You have to be patient and give a coach opportunity to establish his program, and I think Karl is doing a good job

lol. Yes Terry we need to give your "prodigy" just enough time so that he can decimate a football program just like you ruined one of the jewels of the NFL.

You see guys, Donahue has never been anything more than a big joke, a sick cruel one on the long suffering UCLA football fans.   Terry Donahue, the former UCLA football coach, who is basically the godfather of Horrell Dorrell. Donahue was a mediocre football coach at best who never got the best out of blue chip talents the UCLA football program stockpiled during the 80s. He was able to stick around Westwood for so long back in the 80s and 90s, because back then we Bruin fans did not have avenues to express the latent frustrations they were experiencing from constant chokes and let downs of the Donahue coached football program. Sure he took the Bruins to the Rose Bowl in 94, and ended with a 5 game winning streaking against those SCumbags from cross town, people still seem to forget he was responsible for the incredible letdown of hugely favored Bruin football team experience against the Badgers at our home turn back in 94.

Not only that, Donahue was an insecure head coach who was never confident in his abilities. So much so he did not have the balls to promote Neuhisel from wide-receivers coach to OC, when Homer Smith left the OC position for the second time in 1994, right after the Rose Bowl. Instead of promoting Neuhisel, Donahue decided to hire Bob Toledo, a loser OC from R.C. Slocum's Texas A&M program, who was never going to be a threat to TD, unlike Neuhisel.  Here is what San Francisco columnist Ray Ratto had to say about Donahue after he left the Forty Niners in ashes:

Of course, during the last several years we've seen that the franchise will stand for just about anything, including the hiring of Typhoid Terry Donahue.

Therein lies the 49ers' truest regret.

[I]f you could get Tortoise-Shell Johnny (Niners Owner - Ed) to admit to his greatest sin, it was hiring Donahue in the first place.

That is, unless the master plan was to deface the brand name to Eddie DeBartolo-Hires-Joe Thomas levels.

Donahue helped make Bill Walsh inert in the 49er hierarchy (with York's active connivance). He spent a huge chunk of his time as general manager in Southern California, where the burdens of the work ethic would not unduly weigh upon him. He made personnel decisions that made your eyelids bleed.

Mostly, he spent his time in San Francisco taking care of himself.

Now, this.


In other words, Donahue hurt the 49ers coming, he hurt them while he was there, and he hurt them going. When you put it that way, he was even worse than Joe Thomas.

Yeap, Donahue was a joke, and is still a joke.. I am sure the Niners fans are so appreciative of what Donahue has done to the dynasty Montana, Rice and Young built. Of course now we are stuck with Dorrell, a Donahue legacy who has turned out to be the worst coach in the history of UCLA football.

Thankfully times are different. We have a way to get our voice out, which was not available to overwhelming majority in the Bruin Nation who were sick and tired of Donahue's mediocrity during the 80s and 90s, but just didn't have a way to express it.  And don't you worry we are going to get the word out on the incompetence of this abomination of a football coach this upcoming season and beyond.   We have means to get our message out ... what we want and expect from our alma mater's football program, as alums, students, season ticket holders ... people who make up the backbone of the BruinsNation.  And it sure looks like our word is getting out.  Horrell Dorrell is not going to be able to ride the UCLA gravy train in peace unlike his mediocre God Father who never fulfilled the promises of UCLA football.