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BO playing the waiting game ...

Dohn reports that BO is almost healed but finds himself playing the waiting game as strictly DO's backup:

Ben Olson, UCLA's quarterback of the future, believes he is finally ready to play, but circumstances changed drastically in the three games he missed with a broken hand.

Rather than being a backup expecting to play in a series or two per half, Olson may enter the Oct. 1 Pacific-10 Conference opener against Washington serving strictly as Drew Olson's backup.

Drew Olson, a senior, is coming off the best three-game stretch of his career.

"This is the third week in a row that Drew has had a tremendous game," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "He completed 28 of 38 passes and three touchdowns (against Oklahoma). Again, no interceptions. He's off to a great start, and we don't want to do anything to stop the momentum of what he's doing right now."

[...]"Drew's playing well and that's awesome. The most important thing is we win football games," Ben Olson said. "It's been good just to see Drew and how he has come along, and how he goes through his progressions.

"I'm pretty antsy. It is kind of funny how things have worked out, with me hurting my hand. I kind of ask myself. 'Why?' "
Considering we should be blowing Ty Willingham's pathetic Washington Huskies out of the Rose Bowl, perhaps that will be the game BO makes much anticipated debut and get some snaps in real time.

DO is playing well ... so are some of our key defensive studs like pre-season All American Jarrad Page, Spencer Havner and youngsters Dennis Keyes and Bruce Davis.  These kids are talented athletes, and the coaches are using their skills to put them in dual roles diversifying our undersized defense:
To make up for their smallish front, the Bruins will continue to feature multiple looks with players in dual roles.

One example is Jarrad Page, who has started at strong safety but at times is positioned more like a linebacker. Another is Spencer Havner, who is listed as a starting inside linebacker but who is positioned on the perimeter more than half the time.

The most versatile Bruin defender doesn't even start. Bruce Davis II, who lines up either at defensive end or linebacker, is fifth on the team with 13 tackles, which includes three for losses and one sack. Davis also has broken up a pass.

"It's a big bonus to have a guy who can do that," Dorrell said of Davis. "It's a great quality you don't see much unless you're in the NFL."
Also Lonnie White notes Maurice Drew has excused from the practice this week so that he can attend his grandfather's funeral in Northern California this week.  Our prayers and thoughts are with Drew's family, a Bruin family.