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Bruins Break into the Blogpoll (Week 4)

Bloggers around the nation take notice of the Bruins.  UCLA checks in at no. 22.  Here is how we voted.

In morning news, Lonnie White follows up Dohn from yesterday and does an update on BO.  BO is ready to play.

Dohn has a great bit on recruiting.  Kids are noticing our good start, but as coach Bieniemy, the Bruin head recruiting honcho puts, we need to keep this up if we want to stay on the radar of elite recruits from California and around the country (emphasis mine):

"When you're doing what we're doing, kids tend to pay more attention to you," Bieniemy said. "So right now we just have to keep riding this wave, and keep doing our job of preparing our kids and getting them to play well on Saturday, because it's paying off in the end.

"When you have such big victories, it does show that our program is heading in the right direction. I know there were some kids, probably across the country sitting around, saying, 'Well, we just want to wait and see how UCLA is going to perform.' So right now we're off to a good start. The key is maintaining the level of play, and also keep convincing prospects around the country that, 'Hey, UCLA is the place you need to be.' "
We sure hope the coaches keep up the great start.  Dohn also has a report on our LB corps, as Wesely Walker, our starting OLB before he got hurt, is getting read to check in.  Also on the injury front Chris Horton is slowly looking to get back into action, as in his absence Dennis Keyes has been having a monster start.  It's all good news right now ... as we are healing up in the bye week.  Let's hope the good vibes last. GO BRUINS.