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The (Hate)Mail Bag

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 01:31:23 -0400

As a loyal Bruin fan, I started checking out the Bruin Nation site.

I hope you guys are not paying the guys that [sic] run that site. Those guys are the biggest bunch of whinning [sic] idiots I have ever seen.

There is nothing of value on that site. Just the same old tired BS that makes it look like all they care about is getting the coach at UCLA fired.

That being the case, I will be telling my friends not to visit your site until you guys do something to balance the content on that pathetic site.

Los Angeles, CA

[redacted], there's your balance.  

What's distressing to us is that Mr. [redacted] apparrently received a BA from UCLA in 1984.  The numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes, as well as the sophomoric writing style makes us question the academic standards at our fine university.

Some will question whether this email message is a good measure of intelligence.  But "whinning" isn't even a word.  We can only assume that [redacted] meant to write "whining," and not "winning," wineing, or whinnying, all which are actual English words.  Is it too much to ask that graduates of one of the best universities in the world have a passing familiarity with the English language?

We all make errors from time-to-time, but there simply is no such word.  Furthermore, this email sounds like it was written by a nine-year old.

[redacted] better known as ArtyBruin, has made it a bit of a hobby to attempt to marginalize and subvert this website (in addition to posting stories broken on this blog on message boards without attibution -- there are words for this type of behavior, one of the nicer ones is plagiarism).  Honestly, it seems like it's a bit of obsession on [redacted] part.

[redacted], you're simply wrong, and you're more than welcome to post your opposing viewpoint on this site at any time.  Unfortunately, logic and facts are somewhat alien to you.  

You've frequently been challenged to back up your ill-informed viewpoint.  In particlar, it seems to us that Mav has often asked you to point out any factual errors he has made, and offered to correct them if you found any.  Thus far, you've failed to respond to this challenge and resorted to nothing more than personal attacks.

Now your quixotic crusade to stifle all dissent has led you to email the proprietor of Athletics Nation in the hopes that he would shut us up.  Unfortunately for you, he supports us.

As we've stated before, we welcome all viewpoints on this website.  What we don't welcome are cowardly attempts to go over our heads, presumably in the hopes that this blog would be shut down.  Unfortunately for you, such action will not be forthcoming.

A more straightforward and honorable way to express your displeasure would be to use the email address provided, or to post your substantive concerns on this blog.

But we doubt you're interested in having a serious debate.  We've posted before about the stifling of any dissent from the official M & M party line on other websites.  Now that there are alternatives to the propaganda, some people don't like it.

Too bad, we're here to stay.