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Bruin fans write letters

Good to see Bruin fans not losing perspective.  Leonard Lavin from Tarazana on "validation" for Karl Dorrell based on 3-0 record against 2 sorry and 1 so so team:

As a longtime Bruin fan I loved the victory over Oklahoma. But let's not anoint Karl Dorrell the next Knute Rockne just yet. UCLA has beaten two badly outmanned teams in San Diego State and Rice, and allowed an Oklahoma offense that racked up 10 points against Texas Christian and barely beat Tulsa to gain 400 yards, despite countless penalties, fumbles, and pitch plays that looked more like Pop Warner than Division I football.

No, Dan Guerrero, this one game was not a "validation" of Dorrell's system. Quick starts and pathetic finishes have been the rule lately. Talk to us in December, and we'll see who and what have been validated.
And Tony Sircusa from San Gabriel on that pathetic attendance at the OU Game:
Want to know why people consider UCLA soft? It's not the shade of blue on the uniforms, or the style of play. It's the fans. True, Oklahoma is not the powerhouse it historically has been, but when only 56,000 people show up for what turned out to be the biggest win in three years, it shows an apathetic attitude.

At least 10,000 of that 56,000 were Oklahoma fans, and when the small number of Bruin fans who showed up started leaving halfway through the fourth quarter, all of a sudden it was as if a Dodger game had broken out.
I know Tony.  He is a loyal a Bruin fan as one can get.  But he is missing the boat here a bit.  Attendance figure being low was not due to any fault of the fans, but more due to the pathetic football we have been subjected to since 1998 and also the pathetic job of marketing Morgan Center does to promote our major programs.  Let's see if KD can capitalize on the positive momentum and have that hallmark season that will bring UCLA football back to elite status.  An 8 win regular season will not do the trick.  Leonard is right ... we have seen quick start and pathetic finishes all too often. We want to see in December whether UCLA has double digit wins, and then the Bruins Nation will be happy to affirm the "validation" of Karl Dorrell as the UCLA head football coach.