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Hating on a NC winning coach & 3 quick shots

Some quick scattered post bar Saturday night musings. I am going to share with you two comments I just read in the open thread on the MGoBlog:

Well that has to be the worst coached game I have seen in a long time. After being a long-time Carr apologist, I am now losing faith in this staff. I can't even count how many coaching blunders. Let's see....
I've been a Lloyd apologist for a long time, but not any longer. 0-6 in road openers can only be laid on poor preparation and poor coaching.


This is a program in decline. Period. And it makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm so fucking sick of being mediocre. I'm so fucking sick of losing to the goddam fucking Domers. I'm sick of losing road openers every fucking year. I'm sick of playing to lose. I'm phsically sick that the sweater-vested freak from C-bus is going to come up north and kick our fucking ass.

Suicide watch is on.
Wolverine fans are hating on a head coach who won the national championship six years ago and barely lost a Rose Bowl last year.  And jackasses like "ArtyBruin" call us haters for taking a coach like Karl Dorrell to task who is 1-10 against team over .500.

BTW ... how much did Garrett and SUC boosters caughed up to those zebras in Eugene?  What a freaking joke.  Smelloti has himself to blame for some shitty coaching decisions down the stretch, not to mention the zebras robbed the Quacks off 14 points.  I will tell you right now ... I am just not going to byu all this SC having the greatest offense in CFB history ever nonsense.  UCLA has enough talent on its D to beat these schlubs.  We bloodied up Leinart last season, and we can do it to him again,  And, this time Kerr will have his safeties ready for next double-murderer in training posing as some kind of all world Trojan tailback.

Anyways moving on ... in the Big-11, still not sold on Mason's Gophers.  Actually it seems like the entire Big-11 is mediocre.

And, Louisville is turning out to be one of the most disappointing teams of the season.  Very surprised at Petrino's team.

Thank gawd this bye week is coming to an end.  We will be discussing this week (starting probably tomorrow) just by how much the Bruins should mauling those hapless puppies from Seattle.