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CFN projecting Karl Dorrell to underachieve

Update 9:03 pm EST: UCLA is now in ESPN's Power-16, checking in at no. 15.

Here is the up to date CFN bowl projections.  Currently they have us as the no.4 Pac-10 team taking on West Virginia, the projected no.3/no.3 Big Least team in the Insight Bowl.  It's basically some shitty bowl in Arizona that no one except us diehards will be paying attention.  If UCLA finishes the Pac-10 as the no.4 team with our current 3-0 start, that will be a monumental underachievement in Karl Dorrell's third season.  Nothing less than a double digit wins season will validate Karl Dorrell this season.

Watching the Tennessee/LSU game right now.  Will not be submitting my vote for this week's top-25 until this game is over.  If you have any takes on how we should be voting, fire away your comments, your top-25.  Should I drop USC to number 3 after their mediocre first half against a less than average Oregon team, and after Va Tech's complete performance against Ga Tech?

Consider this an open thread.