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You think we dislike our head coach?

Read Joey from StraightBanging today beating up a head coach who won his school a national championship just six years ago:

I am no Lloyd Carr fan. Anyone who reads this website with any regularity has probably figured that out. Why? Just get the tape from this weekend. Michigan's special teams are average or worse, as we don't cover kicks well and certainly don't block or return them; Michigan's offense is always stalling out, whether it be predictable play calling or asinine play calling; Michigan's defense can't stop good runners; Michigan's offensive line is always struggling in short-yardage situations; Michigan's personnel choices are infuriating and baffling, as the fully-permeable membrane that we call DT Pat Massey is kept on the field at crucial junctures while effective runners like Max Martin are treated with a double standard; Michigan's team psyche in big games is somewhere between abandoned child and battered puppy; Michigan's quarterbacks release the ball low, throw short passes as hard as they can, and miss wide open players. I mean, it's a cavalcade of inept preparation and game management. Why do you kick a field goal on THIRD DOWN in the red zone at the end of a half with 9 SECONDS on the clock? Why don't you make any adjustments to exploit the physical tools of your wide receivers? Why does Pat Massey play on obvious rushing downs? Why does the game plan leave so little margin for error that perfect execution is required to win? Why--

I can't do this, to be honest. Cataloguing all of the problems with this program--it's not just this year's team--is basically unbearable. So I need to stop now. I've won the BlogPoll Straight Bangin' award over and over again because I have consistently ranked Michigan lower than other voters. Well, hopefully all of my peers have finally learned that no Lloyd Carr-coached team can ever be counted on to win "like it should" or even the games that it should so long as that stubborn, hopeless, chickenshit coach is calling the shots. With each of these losses, it becomes more and more obvious that Charles Woodson was the greatest coach in the history of Michigan football.
And, there is this.

So yeah ... I don't think we are being all that unreasonable being critical of a head coach who is 15-13 and 1-10 against team with better than .500 records. There simply will not be any "validation" of Karl Dorrell until he delivers a complete season in Westwood. We want double digit wins at the end of this regular season. GO BRUINS.