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Mid week news round up

Our LB corps get a boost as senior LB Wesley Walker gets back into the rotation.  Dohn has the details. But more interestingly (at least to me) is the update on BO/DO saga from Dohn:

UCLA backup quarterback Ben Olson said Tuesday's practice was his best since returning from a broken hand, but he admitted the strong play of starter Drew Olson forced him to reassess how his season will unfold.

Ben Olson said he realized he would serve more as a traditional backup, rather than a backup who plays at least a series or two a game.

"I think Drew's playing well, so you've got to ride that hot hand while you can," he said. "I completely understand. In my own selfish desires, I'd love to be playing, of course, but the most important thing is we win. I'm happy for Drew."

Before it was learned Ben Olson broke his hand in training camp, Dorrell said UCLA would devise game plans with the idea of getting his highly-touted, redshirt freshman playing time. It now appears Ben Olson will play only in blowout situations.

"If we can get a chance to play Ben, we'd like that opportunity," Dorrell said. "But if we can't, we can't. We'll see."
I still continue to believe we have to get BO in there and get him some legit playing time.  We know DO has the hot hand and we gotta stay with him.  But we also have to find a way to get BO some real playing time so that we are ready for any kind of unfortunate unforeseen circumstances later this season, not to mention get him ready for the next one as well.

Elsewhere, Lonnie White has two reports.  One on our young batch of receivers and also a (yet another) profile on our Rudy, Andrew Baumgartner.  By the way ... sorry for not posing this Adande story on Eric Bieniemy, which ran in the LA Times yesterday.  Make sure to read the whole piece about our recruiting chief.  It is a great story - will make you feel good about bleeding blue and gold. GO BRUINS.