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The Washington Preview

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There isn't much to preview.  They suck.  But the Seattle Times is worth reading.  When the hometown paper ledes the story like this:

Maybe, if they are really lucky, the Washington Huskies won't find out that the back of UCLA running back Maurice Drew's jersey looks different this season.

you know things could get out of hand.

And if a 6'5" WR can run wild on the Huskies' terrible pass defense, it could be a big day for Marcedes and his WR running mates.

CFN stuff here.  The biggest threat they see is that this might be a sandwich game (between Oklahoma and Cal).  And I think overconfidence is clearly the biggest threat to the Bruins in this game.

Washington is bad.  Real bad.  The only team that might be worse in the Pac 10 is Stanford.  Unfortunately for both teams, they don't play each other this season.  Honestly, the Huskies may not win another game this season, and if they do it likely won't be until November when they play Oregon State, at Arizona and Washington State.  Right now would you take the Huskies over any of those teams?   I wouldn't.

Like I said, barring overconfidence or a (not unprecedented) total lack of preparation on the part of the coaching staff, this could and should get ugly.