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Top-25 Rivalry Rankings ...

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Yes these days there are rankings for everything.  I am sure all of you have seen a number of articles on the greatest college football rivalries of all time.  But now this site StubHub (HT HP) has come up with a new twist on this topic. They are tracking the hottest college football rivalries of the 2005 seasons, based on what rivalry game tickets are the most sought after week in and week out throughout the season. Of course our game on December 3 against the killer's alma mater is on this list, checking in at number 2:

(Image from this ASUCLA page)

Wanted to link a picture from Cade's fan page since I was trying to find a pic. from a game we won. But didn't work out too well. Pathetic that I have to go back to images from more than eight years ago. That is why Dorrell must end the insufferable streak THIS YEAR.  BEAT SC.