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8 wins is not enough

Taking another look at our schedule:

9/3 at San Diego State  
9/10 Rice Rose Bowl
9/17 Oklahoma Rose Bowl
10/1 Washington Rose Bowl
10/8 California Rose Bowl  
10/15 at Washington State
10/22 Oregon St Rose Bowl  
10/29 at Stanford  
11/5 at Arizona
11/12 Arizona St Rose Bowl
12/3 at $uC

I am putting W's by SDSU, Rice, and UW. These are games we absolutely must win. 3 wins.

Games we should win are WSU, OSU, Stanford, and Arizona. So far, we are up to 7 wins.

That leaves OU, Kal, ASU, and $uC.

In my very humble opinion, the first three are absolutely winnable. OU and Kal are breaking in new QB's and we have them at the Rose Bowl. ASU is also breaking in a new QB (sort of), and we had no problem scoring on them last year. We also have ASU at the Rose Bowl. As for $uC, you throw out the records (but Dorrell needs to show that he can take down $C).

Two losses among these four games would be acceptable. Even with losses to say, OU and Kal, UCLA could wind up with 9 regular season wins, a decent bowl berth, and an opportunity at #10.

Another loss to $C would be hard to swallow, but a 9-win regular season and a respectable bowl berth and solid showing may temper some of the dissapointment from another loss to the hated ones.

Any more than 2 losses in these games would leave questions in the minds of those of us who doubt Dorrell's ability to take this program to the next level, which we interpret as perenially contending for BCS bowl appearances.

So, to once again reiterate our theme, Karl Dorrell must win 9 regular season games to restore any hope that he is the right man for this job.

Win 9 or resign.