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Oklahoma now should be an easy win

Good game last night.  But KD screwed the pooch in first half, when he went conservative ("Dullard" as Simmers calls it) towards the end of first half.  UCLA could have really blown the game wide open in first half, when we had the Aztecs on the run, but we ended up sitting on our laurel, and went to locker room with a 24-6 lead. Oh well ... lets hope Drew can win the Heisman despite of Dorrell (and the DO is still throwing behind Marcedes).

Oh ... and my season expectation is now at least 9 REGULAR SEASON WINS. (Previously it was 9 TOTAL WINS). I am upgrading my expectations after yesterday for two reasons. First, the Sooners are a pathetic football team, and should be an easy W, when they come into the Rose Bowl. They looked horrible against the Horned Frogs yesterday in a 10-17 loss in Norman. There will be no excuse nowfor Dorrell to blow that game. So that should now be in an easy win column for the Bruins.

Secondly ... Kal is wounded. Badly. Tedford lost his starting QB, Longshore for the season, and his backup Ayoub looked absolutely pathetic, throwng 10 incompletions in a row. That game now should be an easy win at the Rose Bowl (Longshore is our for the entire season). No excuse for Dorrell to embarrass the Bruins against the dirty hippies from Bezerkley.

I am still on the road ... will have more later this week.  A, O et al. will keep the BruinsNation rocking.  9 wins. NO EXCUSES