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Further postgame thoughts

Lonnie White says Olson solid, others spectacular, and I think that's right.  He calls Drew and Lewis "nearly unstoppable," which was very clearly the case.  

One problem that White noticed was

Matt Leinart "changed 20 plays" at the line of scrimmage in the Trojans' win at Hawaii on Saturday, but Olson rarely got that chance against San Diego State because of the time it took for UCLA to get a play called.

The Bruins had one delay-of-game penalty and were once forced to call a timeout because of the problem, which also was an issue at times last season.

"It wasn't the best performance ... but it was pretty good for the first night," Coach Karl Dorrell said.

This should not be a problem in KD's third year, but we'll see if things get better.

Here's Jill Painter's post-game story, and K.J.M. Singleton thinks the Bruins looked special.

A few thoughts.  The offense was clearly very good, putting together sustained drives, and allowing the stars like Drew and Lewis to shine.  Special teams made some good plays.

There is still room for concern on defense.

Take a look at the box score

A few things.  Third down conversion was 5/11 (45%), compared to SDSU's 10/18 (56%).  This is one area with room for improvement, offensively and defensively.

Perez punted only once, for 45 yards, and it was okay, so it was not the disaster some were predicting, but it's too early to tell.

At 10.1 yards per passing attempt, and 10/15 152 yards 0 interceptions, Drew Olson had a very good game.  David Koral got much-needed experience, but unfortunately, Ben Olson's injury prevented him from getting much-needed experience.

Maurice Drew was phenomenal, Markey looked solid, but let's hope Drew gets properly hydrated because we will need him for the whole game in the future.  This was not a problem because the Bruins put the game away relatively quickly.

Lynell Hamilton was held in check, and in general, so was the Aztecs' offense.

However, the Bruins gave up over 400 yards of total offense, 23 points and SDSU was able to put together many sustained drives (see third down conversions above).  My concern is that if the defense gave up this many yards to the Aztecs, better competition will be able to turn these sustained drives and yardage into points on the board.

In this game the Bruins and the coaching staff did exactly what they were supposed to do, and they are to be commended.  However, there remain reasons for concern.

Additionally, as we have already commented, the schedule looks even easier than originally anticipated (and we already thought it was quite easy).

Rice should be another blowout.  We'd like to see continued offensive dominance, solid special teams play, and improvement on defense.

OU will still be a challenge, but the game is now very winnable, and Cal is eminently beatable at this point.  As I thought before the season, although others disagreed, ASU will be a very challenging matchup.  However, with all these opponents, as well as with the Bruins, each of these teams have played only one game, and in truth we really don't know how good any of the opposition was at this point.  

But 9 regular season wins is now a very realistic expectation.