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Dennis Erickson to UCLA?

HT to O from the diaries

I first saw this possibility in a Fresno State fan blog back in July.  Looks like there may be more to this story. From, who are contemplating Erickson's future:

UCLA- The Bruins faithful seem to hold a special place in their hearts for Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, but I'm guessing that Erickson might be a top candidate to replace Karl Dorrell at one of the nation's ugliest hot seats. When the fans are spending more time talking about Erickson, Rick Neuheisel & Mike Leach than your existing coach - umm...that's not a good sign, buddy. The Bruin fans are no longer willing to blame Bob Toledo for their lot in life and Dorrell has to produce now (win nine or resign!)or he's out. The only thing working against Erickson at UCLA (besides the aforementioned Mike Leach love-in) is his relatively poor performance in the NFL. Los Angeles is a winner's town and they won't fall all over Erickson the way that other schools might. That said, the guy has won in the Pac 10, which is more than Bruins fans have today, so....
They sure have us the in mix.  All I can say Dorrell can win 9 regular season games (including a win over SC) and put these stories to rest.  That's all.  GO BRUINS.