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Blogpoll Ballot - Week 2

After cavorting with rest of my colleagues in the BN, here is how we voted in "BlogPoll Week 2," on behalf of the BruinsNation:

1 Southern Cal (sigh)
2Texas (if they beat OSU, we will move them back to 1)
3 Tennessee (talented team with a QB controversy
4 Ohio State (next week - Armageddon time)
5 Iowa (in Kirk we trust)
5 Michigan (Wolverines will have to bring it next week.
7 Georgia (color us impressed)
8 Louisiana State (football is probably one of the last things in those kids mine)
9 Virginia Tech (Tech's O'Bannon aka another Vick have the Hokies all fired up)
9 Florida (O:"with all due respect to Karl Dorrell, beating Wyoming isn't that big of a deal...whoops")
11 Florida State(awesome defense, FUGLY O)
12 Louisville (not a very inspiring start for Petrino's bunch, but they will still win the hapless Big Least)
13 Arizona State(Pac-10's secret weapon?)
14 Miami (Florida)(See FSU, but Wright didn't look so bad)
15 Oklahoma (is now a must win for Dorrell)
15 Georgia Tech (where did they come from?!)
17 Boston College (TO buidling a steady program)
18 Texas Tech (yes we like Leach)
19 UCLA (no excuse now for not having a 5-0 start)
20 Notre Dame (NBC's wet dream coming true?)
20 Minnesota (off to a good start again, but will it last?)
22 Purdue
23 Cal(Tedford better have his magic ready, beacuse he is going to need it after injury to his starting QB)
24 Wisconsin (impressive start)
25 TCU (exposes the over-rated Sooners, but an impressive win nonetheless)

Games I watched: Not a lot this week, since I was away for the labor day weekend, but managed to take in these including the obligatory Bruin game: SUC @ Hawaii (second and third quarters), UCLA @ SDSU, Boise St at Georgia (second and third quarters), Miami at FSU (2nd-4th quarters), Air Force @ Washington (first half), ND @ Pitt (first half)

Teams (of note) out of our top-25: Boise State, Bowling Green, Alabama, Texas A&M

So let us know ... what do you think?