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UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale announced today that he plans to step down as chancellor on June 30, 2006. Following a sabbatical leave, he intends to return to his teaching, scholarship and engagement in public policy issues.

University of California President Robert Dynes will look for the next UCLA chancellor.  Let's hope that the "search" is better than the search for the football coach.

Even though athletic fundraising has been terrible, Carnesale was good at fundraising for shiny new Engineering buildings.  In 2003, UCLA raised $7.7 million for athletics, compared to OU and Cal, each of which raised about $17 million.

In private fundraising, UCLA consistently ranks among the top 10 research universities in the nation. Campaign UCLA was launched publicly in May 1997, with an initial goal of $1.2 billion. UCLA doubled the goal to $2.4 billion in March 2002. Currently, UCLA has raised nearly $3 billion. The campaign will close in December of this year.

Less than $8 million for football, but almost $3 billion (over a number of years) for new buildings for research.  

The new chancellor must make athletics a priority.  I will not give one penny for another new building for South Campus geeks.  Not one penny.  If they can raise $3 billion, they can afford a new coach, and to upgrade Pauley, and other facilities.  

What a joke.

UPDATE: Can't believe I missed this laugher:

UCLA Athletics has continued its comprehensive excellence. Overall, UCLA Athletics teams have won 97 national championships, more than any other NCAA Division I college or university, including 22 championships since the 1997?98 academic year.
How have the basketball and football teams during during that time period? How many championships have they won? How many of those championships were water polo championships. Nobody cares, except for the players and their parents and friends. I have nothing against nonrevenue sports but they are meaningless, except to make people in the incompetent administration feel good about their other failings.