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Bill Plaschke, the MSM Village Idiot opens his mouth again ...

We have never been big fans of Bill Plaschke, the resident village idiot of Southern California's MSM.  This is the same douchebag who proclaimed that LA was a UCLA football town, after we came out of the gates 6-0 back in 2001, only to find ourselves in a skid, which resulted in Toledo's (much deserved firing) in 2002.  This is the same douchebag who wrote columns articles supporting the worst head coach in the history of college basketball as late as in 2001, while he was burning one of the hallmark programs of college basketball into the ground.

Plaschke is not a serious sports writer.  He is just a clueless hack who is always looking to write "People Magazine" type articles on serious sports never bothering with facts, statistics, or just plain reasoned, common sense analysis.  One gets the impression that this doofus listens to John Tesh music in the background while writing up his column.  And his today's horseshit ass kissing profile on Karl Dorrell is probably his worst one yet.  Of course it has nothing on Dorrell's record as a UCLA coach, how he has been nothing but a mediocre coach even after inheriting stockpile of talent, no none of that. Plaschke thinks UCLA football is back on track under Dorrell because Dorrell is spending more time, hanging out with his players ... in the practice field?  ... no ... in his office eating M&Ms!:

"It's been a rough couple of years," running back Maurice Drew said. "But this year, Coach seems more relaxed. This year, he has expression."

The stare of a stranger, they say, has slowly become the smile of a friend.

The face of a loner, they claim, has slowly taken on the look of a leader.

"He jumps up and down with us now," Drew said. "He's right in there with us now."

An office that was once as forbidding as Dorrell's perfectly pressed sweat pants -- how does he do that? -- is now one big living room.

His daughter's drawings are on the door, snacks are on the counter, and a neatly folded blanket and pillow are on a leather couch in the corner.

Where kids used to sit on the edge of their seats, they now feel comfortable enough to sprawl on their backs.

While Dorrell sometimes sleeps here, so do his players.
Geez.  Not sure whether I should even bother with this load of elephant dung.  I am suppose to feel better about the worst coach in the history of UCLA football because he is spending more time lounging with his players in his office?  Yes, I remember Lavin was spending lot of time lounging with Earl Watson and co. in his office too ... drinking Sprite, watching Montel, burning UCLA basketball into the ground. Oh, Plaschke goes on into spewing out more rubbish, including uncorking this gem:
But, at age 41, having set his program up for success on the field and peace in the streets, Dorrell is showing he can do what many young coaches can't, or won't.

He can grow.

"In my mind, a football coach has to be able to look his players in the eye and say, 'You're special' and make them believe it,' " says Dan Guerrero, Bruin athletic director. "Karl has grown into that."
Cue John Tesh again!  WTF? What is this home smoking?  Dorrell is "growing into" exactly what - the worst coach in the history of UCLA football?  I mean, if Dorrell is such a special, young, and upcoming head coach, how come anyone anywhere in the country with the slightest knowledge about the landscape of college football is mentioning him as being a good head coach?  And, exactly what is DG talking about?  Plaschke of course just glosses over the main point of the current football season, which is expectations on Dorrell of having a decent football season, which given our pathetic regular season schedule with only 3 games outside LA, and a shitty Oklahoma football team coming in, should be a 9 win regular season.  And Plaschke just lies ... saying this season is Dorrell's "first real chance" at a decent football season, completely skipping over the research that Dorrell actually had two of the easiest schedules in last 30 years of UCLA football in his first two years at Westwood.

Plaschke is a shill, a wanker, and he admits in the article that he is shilling for Dorrell.  What everyone in the BruinsNation should remind themselves is this guy is like venereal disease for UCLA athletics .  This guy knows as much as about sports as Jacko knows about being a normal human being. He should write about soap operas in TV Guide rather than comment on sports. Plaschke is a classic wanker - clueless about sports. Idiot.