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California ...

Bruin basketball ends the 2005 on a disappointing note. But we have to give credit to California for their win against UCLA. They played well and with poise on the road. Clearly the Bruins were playing shorthanded (as they have been the whole season), without Ced, and injured Jordan, who couldn't help out Aaron and Josh.  And out bigs inside (Wright and  Mata) were not as effective except for the lone bright spot of Alfredo Aboya.  I really thought after the Stanford game, we would be holding serve at Pauley the whole season, but CAL clearly is a good team. After Arizona's dramatic win yesterday in Seattle, the Pac-10 title run will most likely come down among Zona, UCLA, Washington, California, and perhaps even USC (don't laugh).  Anyways, I don't feel like reading all the game stories from yesterday. But if you want the precise wrapup, make sure to read Bruin Basketball Report. Enjoy the long holiday weekend. UCLA hoops will be all right. At least we are talking about contending for the Pac-10 title (with a realistic shot), something I didn't think would happen so soon under Howland. GO BRUINS.