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ESPN's freak show - Duke Vitale

Just discovered a pretty cool college basketball blog (CollegeHoopsGazette) after stumbling upon this post on ESPN's leading lunatic Duke Vitale. Jill Reston does the painful work of transcribing this idiot's rantings (color commentary) during the Lousiville-Villanova game. Here is a sample:

Vitale: I can't wait for [Kansas-Kentucky]. You talk about those two uniforms. Those two uniforms mean so much to the world and to the history of the game. And Illinois-Iowa certainly Weber versus Mr. Alford, a Big Ten clash. Jim Delaney's gonna--I know Brent Musburger and Mr. Lavin are all ready tonight. They can't wait for that Michigan State-Illinois game. They just did a game with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Shulman: If you had to pick one home court advantage, is there one court that stands out among all the others?

Vitale: That would be easy. I mean Cameron Indoor Stadium. You're always gonna have the kids right on top of the court, and there's always going to be five players out there that can run. And when you got that combination--coach, players, and fans--you got a chance to win.

...[They've] played for fifty years here. Tell ya, fifty years ago they won the NIT... then twenty years ago they won the national title--

Shulman: Miller just ran right into Fraser, who is bleeding--

Vitale: I remember Nervous Pervis Ellison twenty years ago--

Shulman: Fraser has just been unable to stay healthy--

Vitale: Hey I know one guy who's really happy right now as we wait for [unclear] to get back in the game, he's a big Cardinal fan and I met him yesterday. Cerebral palsy, he's a beautiful young man. Brian, I know you're watching, I told you I wouldn't forget about you Brian. I know he's watching with the fellow who takes care of him, B.R. They're going down to see Duke play as well.

Shulman: They bumped into you down in Sarasota.

Vitale, pointing to Shulman: [unclear]... I saw you as well! Look at the sun tan he's got. You been on vacation, baby! I was at the Fiesta Bowl, ate my heart out, Brent Musburger was there. I mean--

Shulman: What about the Irish?

Vitale: Well, they got beat. But I tell you one thing, the spirit is back...
Sigh. Sad and pathetic. Seems like ESPN is keeping this moron on just so people can tune into listen to this freakshow. I wonder if he actually knows how rest of the country views him nothing but a recruiting shill for the clowns from Durham:

My favorite memory in college was the Bruins romping on the Devils 1995 (Well the Rat face was "hurt" and sitting out the year) infront of Dukie V and Brent Musberger (speaking of media clowns). Dukie V and all the other clowns (think Digger, Bilas, Lavin) on ESPN hate UCLA. And they know our day is coming. Again it may not be happening this year, but the resurrection will be complete in next two years. And by that time all of these clowns are going to be open season for Bruin fans all around the nation.