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Red Sox (pre '04) of college basketball

I really can't describe how bummed out I am about the Shipps news. It's depressing. And it happened just when we were seeing the clear signs of sunlight in the world of Bruin hoops after seven dark years of total oblivion and sheer incompetence under the previous coach. Howland was just getting things reved up in all cylinders. But such is life I guess in the world of Red Sox (pre '04) of college basketball. Some good news is that it will be pretty easy for him to get a medical redshirt and hopefully he will come back completely healhty next season. Coach Howland has Josh's long-term health in mind:

"His pain levels are just unacceptable, just too much to handle," Howland said. "He has constant throbbing during every practice and every game, he's very sore every day, and the next morning he's obviously very stiff. And it's not getting better. That's the main thing, that's the concern. ' The bottom line is his long-term health."

The 11th-ranked Bruins (13-2) are tied for first in the Pac-10 Conference with a 3-1 record. They've been playing well all year despite being ravaged with injuries but this one really hurts, especially with forward Cedric Bozeman still out. Who knows when - and if - Bozeman will return.
Josh needs to get rested up. Meanwhile, we need to move on. The Times has some thoughts on what Howland can do without Josh and Ced:
Now that Shipp has made his decision, Howland has decisions to make. With two key small forwards out -- Shipp joining Cedric Bozeman (shoulder injury) -- Howland could move guard Arron Afflalo to small forward and start Farmar and Darren Collison at the guard spots. But that would leave the Bruin bench weak.

Or Howland could move Luc Richard Mbah a Moute to Shipp's position and start Alfred Aboya at power forward. But Mbah a Moute is second in the Pac-10 in rebounding. Either way, with Shipp out, the Bruins will feel the pain of separation.
Bruins will feel the pain. But luckily we have talent to salvage what could have been a special season.  Here is how I see our best starting line up would be at this moment of time:

(Mata  or Ryan)-5

We can even start Aboya in place of Mata or Ryan. Mata is going to be wearing a mask because he did in fact broke his nose against ASU. Roll will probably be the first guy off the bench. Perhaps he will grab this opportunity and really step up. There were number of well-reliable west coast scouts who were really high on him watching him during his senior. I think if they are all healthy an 8 man rotation would work fine. I am not that anxious to see Fellins and Roubin on the court. But I guess if we are in desperate need for bodies then may be get them on the court. It is going to be tough. Washington State as mentioned before beat Washington in Seattle. But they got their win without their star pg.  Our boys have shown gutts the whole year. Let's hope they can come out inspired this Thursday night. We are going to have murderous homestretch in next 3 weeks (6 games in which only the ASU game may be the gimme one - but that is not even given). if we can come out of this stretch 4-2, I will take it - gladly. GO BRUINS.