Onepeat - My 2 Minutes

The interview went fairly well I think.  You can actually watch it here.

We hit a pretty big technical glitch last night.  While updgrading our hosting service to a newer platform with twice the bandwidth, we lost the forum!!  Yeah...err...whoops!  We're working with the guys at godaddy to try and recover what we can.  Though I'm sure the forums will soon fill with the same hilarious posts and all will be forgiven.  The new forum is actually waaay nicer than the old one from an admin (and hopefully - user) perspective.  We basically had zero control over the previous one.  And now we have pretty much complete control.  FYI...we'll be doing complete daily backups from this point forward.   Believe it or not, we didn't have that capability with the previous forum!  

I'm scheduled to do an interview with WFAA TV here in Dallas tomorrow afternoon.  I'll be on a radio talk show in Indiana tomorrow night.  I'm also scheduled  for an interview next week with WGNO TV in New Orleans.  With that much pub, I have a feeling the $10k mark isn't far away.

In regards to the billboard itself, we are awaiting "avails" information from a few different outdoor ad firms.  Since the cost is drastically different from location to location within L.A., we'll have to wait and see what's available before getting any exact pricing.  Initial indications are that our $10k estimate is fairly close.  

We'll be updating the website soon with detailed information as to what we will do with funds collected in excess of that which is needed for the billboard.  We're hoping to send a decent chunk of change back home to those in need in Louisiana (Katrina Relief).  Stay tuned.


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