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Well I hope this will pick your spirits up if you are still down about yesterday. I know I was in a funk until I read this:

This team is so unique - look at Lavin's teams - no heart a lot of talent. This team - a lot heart, intensity and a desire - with hardly any players that can walk. Jeez, I love it! In all my years as a Bruin fan...I'm only 19...this is the year I've been most proud. Every game, they go out there with a certain desire that tugs at my heart (similar to the way One Shining Moment does at the conclusion of the National Championship). Although it may be impossible to go as deep as we thought we were capable, these kids have pride, and that's a lot of what the college game is all about. For what it's worth, I talked to Lorenzo today. To rid the rumors, he said 8 weeks and that 6 is very unlikely. Quote - "I'm basically out for the season." However, he said Aboya is just fine and that the team's attitude is still real positive.
We are due for some good news on the injury front. Crossing fingers that this Aboya scoop has merit. We need him for Wednesday night. Badly. GO BRUINS.