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Congrats to the Colts for a successful football season!

Congrats to Payton Manning, his team mates, and coaches for a most successful football season. Never mind they just choked again in the game that actually mattered the most and will be judged as the barometer on whether they actually had a successful season. We here in the BruinsNation are raising a toast to their most successful 14-2 regular season:

Payton received a B.A in "Choking in Big Games" from Univ. of Tenn.

Anyways if Payton and the Colts (or the Tenn. fans who worshipped him in Knoxville) are looking for a respite in the internets from the nattering nabob of negativity in few UCLA message boards - where people are perfectly willing to celebrate double digit winning seasons as successful ones totally forgetting chokejobs (well more like getting the shit kick out in the case of Bruin football) in the games that actually matter. Here is to Payton (a multibillioner rich man's version of Drew Olson) for yet another successful regular season! Here is to piling up stats, hyping up a big game, and then coming up empty in the GAME THAT MATTERS THE MOST. GO BRUINS.