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ESPN's Clown

I have previously called Lavin as one of the gasbags of ESPN.  But after reading some of his comments on ESPN Chat today idiot would be a better description for this joker. Here is what the joker had to say about our injuries and Howland's basketball scheduling this season on ESPN chat:

There's no doubt UCLA has had a serious case of the injury bug running through their team. But they still possess a core group of quick, talented and expolosive players. In my book, the Bruins are still the favorite to win the Pac-10 championship and could be a very dangerous team come tournament time. My only concern is the Bruins have not been tested enough because of their soft non-conference schedule.


I've always been a big proponent of playing a schedule that has a balanced schedule of opponents that will allow a team to build the confidence, yet also have enough challenging games against the best competition in the country in order to gain a true sense of your team's strengths and vulnerabilities. The sooner a coach is able to discover his team's vulnerable areas, the quicker he can do the drill work necessary in practice to neutralize or off set team weaknesses. As a result, the staff and players collectively can build a better and stronger team come March. Next year, look for Ben Howland's Bruins to be in the mix for a national championship.

What a piece of work this guy really is. He is not just a moron posing as a basketball analyst on ESPN he is an outright liar. UCLA of course is one of the tougest schedules in entire college basketball. As of today UCLA has the 8th most difficult SOS according to Pomeroy and Warren Nolan. The idiot could have looked up those numbers without the help of an intern. Then again he probably doesn't know how to log on to a computer. He is that stupid.

However, what is worse is that he may be stupid when it comes to analyzing basketball (apparently back in his "coaching" days he couldn't differentiate between a "man-to-man" defense from a "zone" one from the UCLA sidelines), but he is more of an evil SOB who has perfected playing the clueless MSM to the detriment of the advancement of the UCLA basketball. He survived 7 long years in Westwood by constantly demonizing UCLA basketball's fanbase by portraying as us unreasonable fans, while he destroyed and burned a program into ground, turning a NC winning program into the laughing stock of the entire nation. He keeps talking about how he left Ben Howland with a lot of talent. But anyone who closely follows Bruin hoops doesn't needs to do a google search to come up with what he left at UCLA. Here are the "lottery pick" talents Howland inherited from Lavin:

Ariza: 2nd Round
Dijon: 1st Round 2nd Round
TJ Cummings:Undrafted
Brian Morrison: undrafted
Hollins: NBA draft pick? lmao
Fey: NBA draft pick?lmao

Perhaps Ced may get drafted in the second round if he were to get healthy, but I'd bet against it. And here is this asshole claiming that UCLA should be contending for the NC next year b/c he left the program with enough talent that Howland could mount a run by his fourth year. Howland may be able to mount a Final-4 run year, if he can get everyone healthy, but surely will not having to do anything what condition this lying liar left the Bruin basketball program in: