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Dorrell FINALLY fires Larry Kerr

Dorrell makes a move, which he should have made on December 5th. Here is the official release:

Larry Kerr, who has served as defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for the past three seasons, has been relieved of his duties, UCLA head football coach Karl Dorrell announced today.

Kerr, 52, came to UCLA from Colorado State, where he spent the previous 10 seasons as defensive coordinator and linebackers coach for the Rams.

"This was a very difficult decision for me to make," said Dorrell. "Larry is a fine coach and he did a good job helping us build our foundation. But at this time, I felt it was in the best interest of the program to make a change."

Dorrell will begin the search for a new defensive coordinator immediately.
Not exactly a gutty decision for Dorrell. It was the only move he had to make if he wanted to maintain his credibility in Westwood.

We wish Kerr best of luck at a program or a level which suits his defensive philosophy. More importantly, now the spotlight is going to be on Dorrell even more on whether he can have that legit. succesful season mounting a serios run for a conference/NC championship and defeat USC with his offense and defense. One can only make so many changes. He had to fire his first OC - Steve Axeman, and now he fires his first DC. Ultimately the buck will have to stop at Dorrell's desk.