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Huge basketball game tonight against just SC. Sounds like the campus is all ginned up. Springer (from LA Times) has a report on students camping out for this game since Monday night. Nice. It just sounds like they are hungry for a win over those bastards in a major sport knowing full well that they are probably not getting it any time soon in football. lol Ok .. back to the game. As usual let's go to our friends over at BBR for sneak peak into Tim Floyd's just SC basketball program:

During non-conference play, the Trojans were shooting an efficient FG% due to better shot selection, and the players appeared to had bought into Floyd's defensive system. USC was holding opponents to ten points less per game than last year.

However after holding non-conference opponents to 38% FG shooting, Pac-10 conference play has been a different story for the Trojans. USC's offense and defense has regressed and is giving up almost 47% FG shooting, in addition, it is not defending the three well, allowing 40% from behind the 3-point arc.

In addition, USC is a poor rebounding team. The Trojans are being out rebounded by almost 5 rebounds per game. They really miss an injured RouSean Cromwell underneath the boards.

On the offensive end, most of their scoring is done on the perimeter. The Trojans take a lot outside jumper and lead the league in 3-point field goal attempts.

Without any consistent interior scoring threat, the Trojan offense is vulnerable if an opponent can shut down its perimeter scoring. However, the Trojans have some impressive perimeter players for defenses to deal with.
Again if you are true UCLA basketball junkie make sure to read BBR's preview, which ends with these keys to tonight's game:
The key to the game, and this will repeated for every UCLA preview write-up while Ben Howland is coach, is defense and rebounding.

The Bruins need to shut down the perimeter game of the Trojans by controlling Pruitt, Young, and Stewart. No easy task but the Bruins have the athleticism, length, and coaching to get it done.

Second, the Bruins must take advantage of the Trojan's weak rebounding and not allow second chance shots. In addition, controlling the boards will help the Bruins ignite their transition game.
In terms of update on Aboya injury - I am getting conflicting reports. According to BBR and also other posts on message boards - sounds like Aboya is fine and will be available for tonight, which is awesome. However, I did hear about some disconcerting news concerning a chronic condition on his knee. Let's hope for the best for this kid who was just coming into his own. Speaking of Aboya, Dohn (haven't seen him in a while?) has a report on tonight's game penning a story on freshmens'perspective over their first just SC game. I am sure they will find out as soon as they come into a rocking Pauley tonight, where a student section will be in total frenzy hungry for a win after last Saturday's loss. We need this win tonight to pick up our spirits and shake off all injury related funk in the Bruins Nation. Plus its just feels to good to pound the living shit out of just SC even though they are never going to be a legit threat in basketball.