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Simmer down now ...

There have been few UCLA fans (well lot of them are really Dorrel lovers on message boards, who are looking for any excuse to pounce on Ben Howland), who have been popping up over a number of message boards getting all apocolyptic after Saturday's loss against Cal. Few are already giving up saying we have no shot of winning the Pac-10. lol People need to simmer down and get a grip.  They need to simmer down.

Look ... I am not at all worried about this seasoon right now. People just need to get through their heads that Cal is actually a really good basketball team, who finally has their best player (Leon Powe) healthy.  Their strength happens to be the frontcourt, which is a huge advantage over our bigs. Our team is spearheded by two MickeyDers in the backcourt, one of whom (as much as he doesn't want to make a excuse of it) was pretty badled hampered by ankle injury on Saturday. Yet we were close ... and we might have pulled out a win on Saturday. No worries guys. I think we are going to finish in the top-3 or 4 in the conference. Our focus right now should be to get better and stay healthy as the season goes on. I already feel pretty good about improving a lot upon last season's performance, when we finally made our way back to the Big Dance.

Don't think I am bummed out about Saturday. It was horribly disappointing.  But it was not demoralizing uhm ... like this or this. We have become a good team once again, but we are not a great team yet. We are on our way to become a great program again, but we still have to go through these bumps. For now ... I am hoping Jordan heals up. Perhaps it may be worth for Coach Howland to consider sitting him out againsgt ASU (what do you think), and get him rested for Arizona. Right now all I am thinking about is at least getting a split in this upcoming roadtrip in the desert. GO BRUINS.