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Country road ...

UPDATE:: Pittsnogle made the trip to LA after all. However according to this post from a WVa fan he is on standby ready to head back home on moments notice. Cool I am looking forward to seeing this kid in Pauley, but do wish both him and Mrs. Pitts best of luck. GO BRUINS. -N

Big national game against a good team from the Big East tomorrow which is getting a lot of (actually deserved) hype.  We thought it'd be more interesting to read what the bloggers from West Virginia (yes they have internets!) are saying about their own team from the country road.  Here are 10 observations from the Mountaineer blog We Must Ignite This Couch:

1) The days of considering us as a streaky 3-point shooting team are OVER.
2) Our free throw shooting needs work.
3) We can play less than our A game and beat good teams now.
4) In fact, we may have even reached the vaunted status of "We Can Beat Anyone on Any Given Night" status.
5) Other coaches' comments are looking eerily similar.
6) The days of a cavernous Coliseum with 1,500 fans to watch Big East match-ups are apparently over.
7) We have the whitest bench in America.
8) I really, really, really hope I'm not a gigantic jinx, but we're one Kevin Pittsnogle injury away from losing every game for the rest of the season.
9) Anything short of the Sweet 16 will be a disappointment, and missing the NCAA tournament will set back college basketball in Morgantown 5 years.
10) It is, though, realistic to think that we can make another deep postseason run when we get there.
One note on that emerging legend Pittsnogle. JD flagged a post from the BZ noting that he may miss our game tomorrow because of his wife expecting a delivery. lol We wish Mr. and Mrs. Pittsnogle luck.  With or without him Bruins are going to have their hands full against a well coached West Va team whose heart and soul is their cold blooded assassin Mike Gansey.  I'd bet Howland sticks AA on Gansey.  Should be a great game. Can't wait. GO BRUINS.