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Losing it in Arizona

Lute is losing it. It is probably time for him to think about retirement after the season and spend quality time with his second wife (who he married shortly after the passing of his first one). So Lute booted his star player Chris Rodgers earlier this week. And of course no one is talking about why he was booted off a team which has no problem keeping thugs like Hassan Adams on it despite getting in trouble with the law:

Rodgers, kicked off the team after an accumulation of attitude-related problems, declined to comment Thursday when approached at his midtown home. Rodgers responded to an e-mail interview request, saying he wanted to get "all the info" before making a statement.

Associate head coach Jim Rosborough said only that Rodgers' dismissal had nothing to do with police or drug matters.

After the Stanford game, Olson acknowledged the situation with Rodgers had been building.

Teammate Ivan Radenovic said he would not be surprised to see Rodgers back in a few weeks. Radenovic, Rodgers' roommate on road trips, said Rodgers struggled with his dismissal.

"Basketball is his life," Radenovic said. "He's all about the game. The ball is in Chris' hands. I hope to see him really soon."

Two of the Wildcat players who are closer to him, Mohamed Tangara and Isaiah Fox, said before Thursday's game that they did not want to say anything. Tangara, who lives in the same house with Rodgers, said UA coaches told the players not to comment.

Tangara said Rodgers shared little information with him, although the two occasionally had conversations in French.
Not sure what these clowns were conversing about in French. Perhaps they were talking about crazy Lute getting into fights with Rodgers? Yet unbelievably according to the article linked above Lute would still entertain the notion of welcoming back a thug like Rogers back into the Arizona program. And why would Lute do that? Well of course he just lost his star guard Jawann McCllelan for the season. He has no problem compromising his principals and the discipline in his program in search of some cheap wins. A desperate, pathetic, and senile old man. Then again Lute is so desperate these days knowing full well he is destined to be Howland and UCLA basketball's pawn for years to come, that he has no problem looking the other way when his players get in trouble with the law. Now it looks like even his committed recruits do not want any part of his pathetic little trailor trash program. He is getting what he deserves - his basketball program falling apart at the seams.  Anyways, can't wait till these desert clowns showing up at Pauley Pavilion.  Lute better be ready. Go Bruins