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I have said this before and and I will say it again. Arron is a WARRIOR - just like Ed O'Bannon. No excuses from Afflalo:

"We can always say we're a young team that's learning and developing, but at some point in time that excuse is going to get old," Afflalo said. "It's a team effort, and when this team wins and loses, it'll never be because of our two (Farmar and Afflalo) performances. Hopefully, we can get to the point where we have five guys on the floor at all times that can contribute."


"It's the third time we lost on our home floor, and it's the third time we missed an opportunity," Afflalo said. "We've always been on the verge of cracking the top 10 and doing some special things for this program for what's on the front of the jersey, but we've always come up one or two points short."
and this:
"We lost on our home floor and it was a big chance we had to do something good for the name on the front of this uniform and that hurts."
And, here is how the kid worked out his frustration:
Less than an hour after arguably Arron Afflalo's worst game of his college career, the UCLA sophomore guard returned to the Pauley Pavilion court, wearing white shorts and a red T-shirt.

He spent more than an hour shooting free throws and jumpers, dribbling between chairs and generally working on his offensive game, which he felt was much-needed after scoring a season-low four points as No. 18 UCLA fell to No. 12 West Virginia 60-56 on Saturday.

Making matters worse was Afflalo's worst offensive game coincided with his worst defensive game, which is something that cut much deeper into him, and is much more difficult to reconcile.

"I just get angry," Afflalo said. "There's nothing you really can do. You can't go run. You can't go shoot. You bottle it up and take it out on the next guy."
Arron is going to be OK, and so will be those magical four letters infront of Arron's jersey. If you want to read more about the game BBR has the wrapup. GO BRUINS.