New Receivers Coach, and more (updated)

Found in the forums over at Bruin Gold is a nugget concerning the football team:

Posted over at BRO:
DJ McCarthy
Comes from UCF after coaching at Nevada, where he coached Nate Burlison. Played at University of Washington and has experience coaching with the Raiders prior to his stints on college staffs. Supposedly a good recruiter.

I have no idea if this is true, as I'm not a member. However, if it is true, that's one position down (probably two - according to this OC Register article McCarthy would probably do Bienemy's job as recruiting coordinator).

The College Sports TV website has an article available here talking about the UCF team's coaching changes, mostly concerning McCarthy:
The one change that could possibly make the biggest impact on the Knights' offense was the hiring of new wide receivers coach D.J. McCarthy. Not only does he bring experience and knowledge of the position to the Knights, but he's also known for his reputation of developing stars out of the receivers he coaches.

The article continues by discussing some of the talent he developed at Nevada (Burleson et. al), and his coaching philosophy: "If you want to get guys to play to their best ability and play at their peak performance, you've got to create some type of competition," McCarthy said. "I think with the depth that we have at this position, the guys competing against each other will want to be the best." Interesting. With the cadre of young receivers available on the Bruin roster, he seems like the right sort of coach to develop them - assuming this report is true (I have no information with which to develop my opinion on this guy aside from these articles, so take that as you will).

On another note, from that same article in the OC Register - concerning tight ends coach Jon Embree. After his success leading Marcedes Lewis to the Mackey Award, Embree is a hot property amongst the coaching ranks, and very well could be pried away much like Bienemy was.
UCLA also might have to hire a tight ends coach. Jon Embree, the tight ends coach and the Bruins' assistant head coach, has been interviewed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Update [2006-1-22 19:18:42 by Underbruin]: BruinReportOnline is now reporting that McCarthy will be the new WR coach and that former WR coach Dino Babers has been promoted to fill Eric Bienemy's old duties of running backs coach and recruiting coordinator - he coached RBs at Pitt and UofA, though I have neither heard nor seen anything concerning his recruiting abilities (and I thought McCarthy was supposed to be a good recruiter?). More on this as it plays out.

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