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KD's leading man for Bruin "Defense"

Right now it looks like the leading candidate for the DC job at UCLA is DeWayne Walker, an assitant coach who coaches the secondary for Washington Redskins. The feedback I am getting from some friends who follow the Bruin program ... well ... is not very encouraging. I am trying to keep an open mind about this guys. But here are some key factors to consider:

1. The guy has never been a DC except at Mount SAC, which is basically the equivalent to a major HS DC job.

2. His work history shows he likes to be somewhere for one year and move on which, if you're Dorrell, is problematic because Dorrell doesn't have a lot of cache with other coaches.

3. His credentials as "associate head coach" to Pete Carroll are as impressive as Dorrell's "offensive coordinator" under Skippy at CU, which is to say, it's a job in name only since those coaches are known to be very hands on with their side of the ball -- Carroll with defense and Skippy with O.

4. His NFL experience is limited to a position coach. Granted, it's the same lame spot that our head coach is from, but for a unit that was already terrible, we're not making much of an upgrade.

5. If he's a coordinator, he'll most likely coach DBs?  So where does that leave DeLoach, who has been doing a good job with the DBs?
Like I said trying hard to keep an open mind here. But right now Walker is not looking all that impressive - just like his possible future boss at UCLA.