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Retarded Headline from the Daily Bruin

I guess it's no surprise.  Lot of these sportswriting clowns go on to become lame sportswriters in the traditional media. But even for Daily Bruin this headline on the WVa game was pretty silly:

Bruins fall just short of summit

A chance to finally catch West Virginia.

A chance to finally knock off a top-20 team.

A chance to finally make a statement on national television when so many other teams on Saturday didn't.
Oooh what writing! I guess the kid is aspiring to be another drama queen like Bill Plaschke.  But seriously may be he was trying to be a little cute with his headline since we were playing the "Mountaineers." But still ... even if won Saturday ... it would have been a huge win ...  but not a "summit."  That is just retarded. The only time a word like "summit" should be associated with UCLA basketball is when we talk about Howland and his crew bringing back home one of these:

Then again it's not the first time we have seen a retarded take from the Daily Bruin.