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Desperation of crazy Lute (and other Pac-10 lunatics)

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Crazy Lute is becoming a national story, an embarrassment for college basketball(emphasis mine):

It was more sad than funny, how Arizona coach Lute Olson needed 3½ years to kick guard Chris Rodgers off the team.

Rodgers was usually a bad teammate -- often a bad player -- yet he lasted until midway through his senior season, when Olson finally couldn't take it any more and last week booted Rodgers from the program.

Two days later, after a season-ending injury to guard Jawann McClellan, Olson was talking about taking Rodgers back.

And so it continues, the NBA-ification of college basketball.

It has happened in only a few places, but the message grows: The program is usually going to be bigger than the player, but not always. Not if the player is good enough, or if the program is desperate enough, or any combination thereof.
Like we said the senile old man is getting desperate because he knows he is going to leave the scene as Ben Howland's stooge in the Pac-10. Can't wait till these clowns come into Pauley. We are going to be short handed but it would be too much fun if Coach Howland turns the senile old man into acting like this other pathetic lunatic from the Pac-10 inside Pauley:

Thanks to one of our readers for IMig us this gem of Timmy getting T-ed up at Pauley