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Pipeline to Florida

OC Register's Rob Kuwada has an important point on the possible recruiting impact from the hiring of new WR coach (emphasis mine):

McCarthy, 34, spent the past two seasons at Central Florida and was at Nevada for four years before that. He worked with three receivers who moved on to the NFL while with the Wolf Pack, including Nate Burleson, a third-round pick in 2003 of the Minnesota Vikings.

But the biggest impact McCarthy might make would be to tap into the talent-rich recruiting base in Florida. McCarthy played at Washington, but attended Boca Raton High and coached at Fort Lauderdale High before moving to the college ranks.

"I think D.J. is a great fit for our staff. He has a great track record of developing productive receivers and he is an outstanding, energetic recruiter," Dorrell said. "He is very familiar with Florida and the surrounding states and I think that will be a big plus for our recruiting efforts."
UnderBruin has more on the hire here.