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Bruin Blogswarming of Steve Lavin

So just few days ago we clowned Steve Lavin for being an asshole on ESPN spouting of his usual non-sense criticizing Howland was his scheduling at UCLA. BBR (Bruin Basketball Report) has now joined in setting the record straight re. the buffonery of Lavo:

What do college basketball teams: Connecticut, Florida, Texas, Villanova, Gonzaga, Illinois, Washington, and Pittsburgh have in common?

All of them are Top 10 ranked teams; in addition, they all have WEAKER strength of schedules than UCLA.

A weaker strength of schedule than UCLA? Is it possible?

From outlets such as the Los Angeles Times to ESPN, college basketball pundits have repeatedly criticized UCLA for their weak strength of schedule this year.
And here BBR slapping Lavo for claiming the Bruins have not been - get this - "tested enough":
Yet, the claim of a weak schedule is a complete and utter fallacy!

According to both CBS Sportsline and Ken Pomeroy ratings, the Bruins have the 12th toughest strength of schedule in the nation. In contrast, No.1 Connecticut has the 72nd ranked strength of schedule.

One wonders if so-called college basketball pundits are neglecting to do their research, or simply just expressing their own opinions.
Research and Lavin? lmao The only "research" Lavo did while he was posing as a "head coach" of UCLA basketball was watching hours and hours of Montel at his Morgan Center offices in the afternoon. He is a clown, a moron, who flushed UCLA basketball down the toilet, the affect of which are still being felt in Pauley in today. By the way Bruin Hoop Scoop slapped around Lavo on this issue as well. It is great to see a Bruin blog swarm around this moron - setting the record straight. GO BRUINS.