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Concerns about DeWayne Walker as the new DC

Apparently the post on concerns about possible new DC hire did not sit well with some Dorrell Lovers.  Here is Baba setting him straight (emphasis mine):

FACT #1  - He has NEVER been a DC in D3, D2, D-1AA, D-1 or the NFL.

He may have worked with many great DCs but it still doesn't negate the fact that he has never done it before.

It could be likened to a recent college graduate going out into work force looking for that first job.  So while he might have that degree from UCLA, Cal or Stanford, companies will hire them as junior level because they have zero experience.

Let me put it another way, a good DC is like a great artist.  The artist might have an assistant.  The assistant prepares the canvas for the artist.  The assistant mixes the paints for the artist.  The assistant has done everything except actually paint.  Are we to assume that the assistant will be a great artist as well because he worked for a great artist.

Now back to football, Steve Sarkisian was coached by Norm Chow.  Steve Sarkisian was an NFL QB coach.  Steve Sarkisian was Norm Chow's right hand man at Suc.  Does anybody really believe that Steve Sarkisian is even remotely as good an OC as Norm Chow?

I guess that Pete Carroll hit PAY DIRT with the Steve Sarkisian hire.

FACT #2 - The longest that he has been with a team, in the last 15 years, is 2 years.

In fact, when it comes to college football, he is 1 and done.  At the college level, including when he coached for Pete Carroll at suc, he has only stayed at 1 university for more than 1 year.  That is what employers would call a disturbing work history.

Actually, it brings another question to the surface.

How good of a talent evaluator is he since he has never really had to coach "his recruits" at any of his college jobs?

How effective of a recruiter will he be since he will be extremely easy to negative recruit against (he won't be coaching you because he always switches jobs)?

I'll take a wait and see approach with Walker but I definitely think that he is a risky hire.

Calling him a great hire is a stretch because of the facts on the table.

Promising, maybe...

Great, no way...
Welcome to the Nation Baba.  Now you need to stick around and keep setting the record straight on behalf of reality based Bruin fans.

By the way one note re the post who wrote about me not knowing anything about the Washington Deadskins. lol. Living in the East Coast I have seen them enough to know that the heart of their defenese was in the LB crew anchored by Arrington and their pass defense was not all that mindboggling. They gave up an average 191 passing yards per game through the season, but the number is misleading when they took on teams led by elite NFL QBs like Green (KC), Plummer (Den), Collins (Oak), Breez (SD), Hasselback (Seattle - twice). In those games Redskins gave up 205.67 (corrected as pointed out by one of the commenters in thread) yards a game going 1-5 (one win came against Seattle in the 3rd game of the season). Redskins were lucky to get into the playoffs after an horrible start to the season. It really had nothing to do with a good "pass defense." They never had it against the elite NFL QBs. Not a good sign for a Pac-10 DC wannabe who will have his unit lining up against some of the best college signal callers in the country. That is just the reality staring at Dorrell's football program. Anyways - GO BRUINS.