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Good news/bad news (?) on the injury front

Ced is going to try to make a come back and play some limited mins this weekend. From the LA Times:

Cedric Bozeman is coming back. Again.

The UCLA forward, who suffered torn cartilage in the back of his left shoulder last month, has been medically cleared to play Thursday at Oregon.

"Every day, I feel a little better," Bozeman said. "I'm not 100%, but I feel I can help the team."
We can certainly use Ced. And let's hope he doesn't over exert himself against the Ducks on Thursday night.  Here is the bad news (sort of) from the same teport:
Collison suffered a sprained left ankle Saturday against West Virginia. Although he is wearing a walking boot, X-rays were negative and Howland says he expects Collison to play at Oregon.
At least DC may be able to play - although this may really impact the key feature in his game - his speed.  I guess we will have to keep finding out how these kids can deal with adversity. These are going to be two dangerous games against Oregon this weekend.  I am going to say the chances of us sweeping is 40%, the chances of us splitting is 40%, and the chances of us getting swept is 20%. This is going to be a brutal trip. More on the games later unless you want to write about them - then go for it. GO BRUINS.