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Class, class, class ...

Wanted to flag couple of posts concerning the atmosphere at the raucous McArthur Court last night.  First of all - Oregon fans (and I am presuming this was coming from their student section) get the award for the stupidest taunt in college basketball this season. So, lemme see taunting Howland by chanting "You are not Lavin!" is supposed to be an insult to Ben Howland? rofl.

Again - I think that chant was probably coming from the student section, morons  who now have nothing left to cheer for in hoops knowing their basketball program despite all the $upport from Uncle Phil is destined to be owned by Howland for years.

Well to be fair not all Oregon fans are morons - and in fact they have their share of classy college sports fans up there in Evergreen state, at least according to this first hand account of last night's game from a Bruin fan:

"The Pit" - We sat up high in the 3rd level of seats (about even with the ceiling rafters) and looked almost straight down on the court. Neither of us had ever been to "The Pit" and we both loved it. What a great atmosphere. The place just oozes college basketball spirit. I wish Pauley Pavillion was more like it. It will be a shame when Oregon builds their new building. Honestly, that place is like Fenway Park. It opened in 1926 and holds just over 9,000. I've never been to such a loud ball game.

The Duck Fans - Amazingly classy people. We were approached my at least a dozen people before, during, and after the game. We were both decked out in blue and gold. All were extremely nice and even thanked us for coming. I was shocked as I'd heard they could be pretty hostile. Not the case tonight.

Pac-10 refs - Nothing new here. I am amazed how bad they are. I swear every posession during the last 8 minutes of the game ended with somebody at the line. Not only were the calls ticky-tacky, but many were downright bad... on both sides. I can't help but wonder if this type of officiating hurts Pac-10 schools during the tourny where a more physical style is played and Pac-10 schools are not conditioned to play that way.


The Win - This is the type of grind-it-out road game you need to win. Oregon is not a good team, but that building is hard to play in no matter what. This win was about effort and wanting it more in the end... halmarks of a Ben Howland team. Lavin would have lost this game, no doubt in my mind.

The Coach - After the game, my dad and I walked down onto the floor and just soaked in the atmosphere. After about 15 minutes, Coach Howland came out of the dressing room for his postgame interview with Chris and Don. After he finished, her walked right over to my dad and I and shook our hands saying, "Thank you for coming out tonight." He shook hands with every lingering Bruin fan and stopped to chat with many. He is a very classy, grounded individual. But you already knew that.
Yeap we knew that - we knew Coach Howland is class, class, class:

On to Oregon state. GO BRUINS.