LRMaM (National Freshman of the Year? - N)

From the diaries. We are now 17-4 and 7-2 in the PAC. We may have to start thinking about an all out campaign for Luc as National FOY. Here is today's boxscore and AP recap. Almost a complete road win for the Bruins, but still rooms for improvement, which is scary for rest of the Nation (not just Pac-10). More from yours truely later. But if you have thoughts, please share here or in the diary section. THANK GOD FOR HOWLAND. GO BRUINS -N

It's great watching him develop himself into a presence felt on every inch of the floor, not just rebounding. He's scoring consistently (double figures in 4 of the last 5 games), of course still rebounding like a fiend... And is beginning to really turn it on defensively - 3 steals and 3 blocks in the game.

Great job by the team in sweeping the Oregon schools this weekend (like I said last week, as Arizona how tough that is). With the Pac-10 schedule halfway completed, it's always nice to be looking down from the top. Huge games next week, with UofA coming to town. Hold serve at home and the Pac-10 becomes pretty much a 3-team race between UCLA, Cal, and UW. Stanford still has to play UW twice, Arizona at home, and Cal on the road - not to mention the Bruins. And UofA would have 4 conference losses, plus have lost to the Bruins twice.

Good luck to the team in the upcoming weeks, and here's hoping they can continue to get healthier (any more props out there for Ryan Hollins, who since returning from injury has had several very good games, including the one again today?).

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