Norton giving KD a vote of no confidence?

Apparently KD has offered Norton the LB coaching position:

Norton offered UCLA job: Linebackers coach Ken Norton was offered a similar position by his alma mater. Bruins coach Karl Dorrell offered Norton the job earlier this week and gave him until the weekend to make a decision. Consider the source - Wolfie is the DN's beat write for SuC, and is a reputed Trojan aplogist. It doesn't jive with this Dohn account of the Norton saga according to which its not clear whether Norton was ever offered the job. But lets presume if Norton was offered the job, if he turns down his former team-mate and an opportunity to return to his alma mater, and decides to stay with USC, doesn't it say something about Dorrell? Perhaps Norton doesn't have any confidence in Dorrell that he will ever take UCLA football back to the elite status (as it enjoyed during the Norton days) in college football. If that is true - then that is a bad sign for UCLA football.

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